October 12 2019

PSA for October 12 2019 Drag Story Time

Wednesday, October 9th, 2019


**                          TIME ON SATURDAY OCTOBER 12, 2019.                            **

In an effort to be completely transparent, it is our duty to inform the public that certain political extremist groups have expressed that they plan to harass our Drag Story Time and Costume Party event this Saturday, October 12, 2019 from 3-5 PM at the Zodiac. Additionally, a separate, third party group, has falsely indicated a link between itself and our organization as an act of reinforcement and, after several unanswered attempts to contact this group and address the matter further, we are publicly announcing the circumstances and our intentions moving forward.

This matter is being taken very seriously by our team and we have coordinated with two other community service groups in order to address any fears or unease among our loyal patrons or the public. We have invited our friends from Front Range WILD to attend Story Time once again, and it is our deepest pleasure to have members from Parasol Patrol join us also!

Furthermore, it has been unanimously agreed upon by our executive board members that:

This organization is not currently associated with, nor will we be associating ourselves in the future with any violent, or extremist groups, or any political groups of similar nature. Moving forward, we will be conducting a ZERO TOLERANCE policy in regards to any groups intending to either support, or discriminate against our goals as a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Colorado Springs Breaking Boundaries takes great pride in our city’s Drag Story Time event and our primary goal is to provide a safe, family friendly experience to all our supporters. We have no more information than what has been shared above but all safety measures have been pursued as acts of proactive devotion to the safety of our guests. Drag Story Time will continue on as scheduled, like always, EVERY SECOND SATURDAY OF THE MONTH!!! And we’re just as excited as ever to see everyone there!!!

Thank you for your support,

Colorado Springs Breaking Boundaries Executive Board members,

President, Allison Schembri

Vice President, Joseph Shelton

Treasurer, Stephanie Iken

Secretary, Crystal Maez

Webmaster, Ed Sanders

October 2019 Drag Story Time

Join us for a Halloween costume party!!! Miss Anita will be reading spooky stories, performing an all ages Drag Show, and OF COURSE there will be lots of dancing!!

Zodiac Bar and Venue, Colorado Springs CO