Allison Schembri – President mermaidjadephotography@gmail.com

Joseph Shelton – Vice President

Stephanie Iken – Treasurer

Crystal Maez – Secretary

Porsha Demarco-Douglas – Dragspiernce the Drag Experience Class

Regina Demarco – Colorado Springs Next Young Drag Star Competition


Colorado Springs Breaking Boundaries was originally created as Colorado Springs Drag Story Time by Joseph Shelton in September 2018 as a Drag Story Time group. In December 2018 it went under the name Colorado Springs Breaking Boundaries to show how Drag Kings and Queens are rising above and inspiring others to do great things in life. Colorado Springs Breaking Boundaries is an organization led by LGBTQIA+ members who are dedicated to creating a welcoming space and organization for  young people in the Colorado Springs Community to express and be who they are. We are hosted by the Zodiac Venue on the Second Saturday of each month from 3-5 pm in an all ages environment.

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